Do you need your private plane interior refurbished? Aviation Interior Group LLC is the solution!

Modifying your plane's interior design system won't be too hard if you have the right professional team for the job. Instead of scouring the Web for low-standard aircraft full interior refurbishment services, Aviation Interior Group LLC will help you with the project instead. Since 2001, we've applied the best strategies for quick and efficient aviation upholstery services. Our company takes pride in total dedication to the craft, and a high-level of customer service for all clients. We also procure the best interior materials to ensure that every project runs smoothly. 


Our expert craftsmen and skilled upholsterers have years of experience on most all models of Corporate and General Aviation aircraft, including Gulfstream, ….and provide unparalleled accountability and quality assurance throughout the production process.  Whether you need a partial interior refurbishment, a full interior refurbishment or a modification to your existing interior, we will work closely with you to help you realize your vision for your interior refurbishment project.
Your aircraft project is personally overseen by our experienced manager who will help you select FAA approved fabrics and other materials to take your project from concept to production and onsite delivery. We can also provide our feedback to ensure that the design, material, and color choices work well so that the final look and feel of the interior is to your full expectations.


Aviation Interior Group

Here's a quick repertoire of our services:

Seat upholstery:

Headliner and Sidewall panel upholstery:

Glare shield repair:

 Plane seats reflect the innate beauty of your plane. With our seat upholstery service, you call the shots in terms of design and comfort level. Whether you want your seats to be classic or modern, we can do the hard work for you.
If your glare shield is damaged, worry no more - we can have it repaired in no time. We will even inspect it first before proceeding with the repair.
Turn your headliner and sidewall panels into a soothing aesthetic marvel! Our headliner and sidewall panel upholstery service is the best in the market!

Wood refurbishment:

Custom embroidery and embossing:

Interior components:

Our skilled craftsman are capable of replacing Laminate,  veneer and refinishing damaged clear coats. Window shade repair and replacement
For general upholstery, we have custom embroidery and embossing service. Feel free to explore any design!
We have lots of available components such as baggage tie straps, door handles, headrests, custom packets, carpet kits, and seat belts. Simply tell us what you need and we'll install it right away.

 Proactive feedback: 

LED light upgrades and replacement:

Interior parts replacement:

Do you have broken interior parts? We can also have them replaced. You can include this service with the refurbishment project. 
Before and after a refurbishment project, we will provide you with proactive feedback so you can manage your expectations. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed with Aviation Interior Group LLC!
Counter tops replaced on galley and LAV
If you want to avail our interior upholstery services, you may contact us at 770-652-2265.
You can also send us an email at mike@aviationinteriorgroup.com.

Aircraft Experience

Aviation Interior Group









We've mastered the craft of aviation upholstery and worked with all kinds of aircraft. Whether it's a commercial plane or a private plane, we can get the job done.

Aside from that, our team of professional craftsmen and upholsterers are totally dedicated to improving the level of their services.

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