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All planes should be maintained to ensure their 100% functionality and safety. However, many people seem to forget about the importance of interior refurbishment. If a plane's interior is substandard or unappealing, the passengers won't enjoy the flight. Worse, unseen interior damage can compromise the safety of everyone aboard. This is why aviation interior upholstery services are very important. While companies can provide this type of service, only a few can really be trusted to work with custom aircraft interiors. It takes a right mix of experience, professionalism, customer service, and a dedication to the craft of aviation interior upholstery. One company that bears those qualities is Aviation Interior Group LLC.
Established in 2001, Aviation Interior Group LLC has worked with hundreds of clients and applied different kinds of upholstery strategies. The company has a team of professional craftsmen who are serious in their trade. They're not just content with a basic interior service. Rather, they're willing to go the extra mile and give a five-star level service to all clients. Due to the company's years of experience, it can now work with all plane models - commercial and private. 
Aviation Interior Group LLC also stands out in the market because of its high sense of accountability and unparalleled customer service. Whenever a client reaches out to the company, representatives determine if a full interior refurbishment or minor modification is needed. The company's professional upholstery team also works closely with all clients in order to promote transparency and figure out the overall direction of the project. To ensure that the refurbishment project goes well, Aviation Interior Group LLC uses only high-quality fabrics and materials, especially those approved by the FAA. All projects are also monitored by an experienced Aviation Interior Group LLC manager.


  • Headliner/Sidewall Panel Upholstery
  • Wheel, etc.)
  • Glare Shield Repair and Upholstery
  • Seat Upholstery
  • Armrest and Accent Panel Upholstery
  • Interior Placards (Panels, Instruments, Control Wheel, etc.)
  • Window shade repair and replacement
  • LED light upgrades
  • Wood refurbishment
  • Plating and metal refinish​​

  • ​​Control Wheel Hand Stitched Leather Wrap (leather yokes)
  • Wind-lace Kit  (Main & Baggage Doors)
  • Baggage Tie Straps
  • Door Straps/Handles
  • Sidewall Panel/Document/Custom Pockets
  • Headrests
  • Carpet Kits/ Carpet Mat Sets
  • Seat Belts (New and Red webbed)
  • Custom Embroidery and Embossing
  • Replacement Interior Parts Locating


Seat upholstery:

Plane seats reflect the innate beauty of your plane. With our seat upholstery service, you call the shots in terms of design and comfort level. Whether you want your seats to be classic or modern, we can do the hard work for you.

Headliner and Sidewall panel upholstery:

Turn your headliner and sidewall panels into a soothing aesthetic marvel! Our headliner and sidewall panel upholstery service is the best in the market!

Interior components:

We have lots of available components such as baggage tie straps, door handles, headrests, custom packets, carpet kits, and seat belts. Simply tell us what you need and we'll install it right away.

Interior parts replacement:

Do you have broken interior parts? We can also have them replaced. You can include this service with the refurbishment project. 
If you want to modify and improve your plane?s interior design, contact Aviation Interior Group LLC today!
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